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Our mobile dental solutions save you time and money by eliminating the inconvenience of leaving the office to see the dentist.

Today with people’s busy lives employers are doing their part by offering employee-centric work environments. These forward-thinking companies are often the most successful, keeping employees happy with amenities that include hair/nail salons, dry cleaning and more. For the past two years, Renumi Mobile Dental has expanded these offered services to the next level with On-site dental care.

 Our Mission:

  • Create an employee-centric work environment with on-site Dental care
  • Increase employee productivity by not having to miss work for Dental visits
  • Prevent employees from spending their day off in the Dental Office
  • Allow employees to utilize their dental benefits and avoid putting off routine dental care

Today’s generation dental needs are centered around periodontal (gum) care/maintenance (cleaning, fluoride), tooth whitening and minor restorative work.  All of these procedures and more can be done at your workplace via our state of the art mobile dental clinic. Working closely with corporate accounts such as cruise lines, etc. Renumi allows employees the opportunity to conveniently stay on top of their dental care without missing work.

Employees have the ability to utilize their current dental benefits, or if they have no coverage they can enroll in our Renumi Wellness plans which offer discounts on general services and even cosmetic procedures like whitening and botox! Renumi Dental plan covers all necessary maintenance and basic procedures at steeply discounted rate-allowing participants to stay away from expensive dental plans that do not fit their needs.

Dental Services Include:

  • Dental exam, x-ray
  • Dental prophylaxis (basic cleaning)
  • Periodontal treatments (deep cleanings, periodontal maintenance, and Arrestin)
  • Professional tooth whitening
  • Facial Rejuvenation services: Botox and Juvederm (dermal filler) therapy


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