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With Renumi mobile as part of your treatment center your clients and staff never have to worry about how to handle another dental emergency.  Through our 24-hour hotline, treatment centers have direct access to our staff for any of their dental needs.  Clients who have sudden dental emergencies will be properly assessed within 24 hours and any necessary medications will be ordered accordingly-through the use of antibiotics and non-narcotic pain medications. If required, we will coordinate a referral and appointment to one of our Dental specialists your area. If no specialist is needed, our mobile dental office will treat any dental emergency on-site at your facility.

The greatest benefit of approaching these problems while in recovery is the client is surrounded with a great support system throughout the process.  Often time clients convince themselves they need narcotics to cope with these types of events. However, Renumi allows clients a great opportunity to face these life hurdles with their friends and therapist close by.

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