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Mobile Dental Clinic Services for Treatment Centers


Onsite Dental Treatments

With Renumi mobile as part of your treatment center, your patients and staff never have to worry about how to handle another dental emergency.  Through our 24-hour hotline, treatment centers have direct access to our staff for any of their dental needs.  Clients who have sudden dental emergencies will be properly assessed within 24 hours and any necessary medications will be ordered accordingly-through the use of antibiotics and non-narcotic pain medications.

The greatest benefit of approaching these problems while in recovery is the client is surrounded by a great support system throughout the process.  Often time clients convince themselves they need narcotics to cope with these types of events. However, Renumi allows clients a great opportunity to face these life hurdles with their friends and therapist close by.

The Reunmi Difference

To provide an environment that is safest and most conducive to recovery, Renumi mobile screens all of your new clients to provide invaluable information.  Through our initial questionnaire, we are able to identify any Dental related issues that are causing physical and emotional pain.

After this data is collected, our team formulates an oral wellness treatment plan specific to each patient.  Furthermore, all data collected (screening, pictures, treatment plan) is uploaded into the patient’s medical record to provide a full, comprehensive picture of the current state of wellness.

Dental Services:

  • Repair broken, decayed teeth that prevent your client from eating (nutritional deficiency) certain foods or smiling (self-esteem).
  • Diagnose and treat any teeth that are currently or on their way to become infected
  • Arrest the gum and tooth disease process through cleanings, mouth irrigation and debridement, and fluoride treatments.
  • Evaluate, document and treat any suspicious lesions such as fungal infection, herpes outbreaks, and pre-oral cancerous lesions.


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