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Renumi Dental is South Florida’s premier concierge dental service for senior living facilities and individual patients. Since opening in 2015 we have become the largest on-site/on-demand Dental practice in South Florida and we hope to bring our services to you!


Dental services offered CONVENIENTLY in the COMFORT of your resident’s home:

  • Comprehensive Dental exam with X-rays
  • Oral Cancer screenings and testing
  • Dental cleanings, fluoride treatments and preventative services (cavity control, desensitizers)
  • Restorative Dentistry (bonding and filings)
  • Dental extractions (removal of teeth)
  • Denture Services (repair, adjustments, reline/refitting etc)
  • Crown and Bridge repair and recement

With patients living longer and keeping their teeth longer, there is an increased focus on DENTAL MAINTENANCE.

New studies released daily showing the close relationship of Dental health and Systemic health related to:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes (sugar) control
  • Cancer
  • Overall nutrition and quality of life

NEW PATIENT PACKAGES AVAILABLE starting as low as $199 which include:

  • Initial comprehensive exam, Oral cancer screening, dental x-rays and full treatment plan
  • Enrollment into RENUMI Dental program which offers up to 30% off of our Dental treatments.

The full list of services and pricing available upon request.

Call us today at 1-844-4-RENUMI (473-6864) or click here.


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